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18 Feb

League of Gods || Feng Shen Bang

In 3D,Film,Houdini,VFX 3D,Film,Houdini,VFX / 18. February 2016

Houdini FX TD

Elmts buildup of some of the elements I did for an rnd test at the very beginning of the project … (h264 crushed the blacks and colors a bit as usual):


I’ve always been a huuuuge fan of Asian martial arts movies.
So of course I was more than stoked to get the call to work on a quick stint for Jet Li’s upcoming movie Feng Shen Bang or League of Gods as it will be called in the “Western” world.

No idea what they ended up doing with the grading of the trailer … Anyway, I got to do all the CG fires and smoke sims (and renders) as well as all the embers

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02 Dec

Houdini Procedural Rock Generator

In 3D,Film,Games,Houdini,Modelling,Sculpting / 2. December 2015

Houdini TD

Started to venture into procedural modelling for games and created a procedural rock generator in Houdini.  Buncha layered noises and stuff.  Unfortunately I never got to finish this one as I got sick and needed to start working on another commercial project right after that damn flu finally let go of me.  Heapsa fun and wanna digg deeper into this (and have a look at proper uv-ing) when I get the time …

CoconinoGenerator_StructuredApproach_v002.8.cam3 CliffFaces_BoxyShapes_V007.8.hipnc.0002 CliffFaces_BoxyShapes_V007.8.hipnc.0007 CoconinoGenerator_StructuredApproach_v002.1.cam3 CoconinoGenerator_StructuredApproach_v002.2.cam4 CoconinoGenerator_StructuredApproach_v002.5.cam6 CoconinoGenerator_StructuredApproach_v002.7.cam1 CoconinoGenerator_StructuredApproach_v002.cam1 CoconinoGenerator_StructuredApproach_v002.cam2 Wall_RockGenTest_1.cam2.0002 Wall_RockGenTest_2.cam1.0002 Wall_RockGenTest_2.cam2.0002 CliffFaces_BoxyShapes_V007.8.hipnc.0001


11 Nov

Happy Feet Two

In 3D,Film,Houdini,VFX 3D,Film,Houdini,VFX / 11. November 2011

Houdini FX TD

Aaaaand back to Sydney for Happy Feet TWO

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18 Mar


In 3D,Film,Houdini,VFX 3D,Film,Houdini,VFX / 18. March 2011

Houdini FX TD

Ready for a white Christmas I will be spending the time from December 2010 to March 2011 up in the Northern Hemisphere in Vancouver, Canada working on THOR.  Whistler here I come … happy times.

My main responsibities consisted of:

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14 Oct

Green Lantern – Quick Terragen Environment Test

In 3D,Film,Houdini,VFX / 14. October 2010

Terragen 2 test creation of flythrough Death Valley NOT USED in MOVIE

During my time on Green Lantern we contemplated creating the backdrops of Death Valley in 3D instead of matt paintings for the dog fight scenes.  I suggested NASA DEM’s and Terragen as a fast way and was asked to do a quick proof of concept – including showing volumetrics in TG2.  I ended up spending one evening after work on this (as one can tell ;P).  We were all pretty happy with it, but rendertimes, the lack of a linux version and our linux based farm meant the end of it in the end.  Hope Planetside eventually releases Linux versions of TG.  It’s a GREAT package and I would love to be able to use it more at work.

27 Aug

Legend of the Guardians: The owls of Ga’houle

In 3D,Film,Maya,VFX / 27. August 2010

Digital Artist FX (CharacterFX)

Over the last year or so I’ve been mainly doing character fx and even some animation finalling work for and at Animal Logic on the movie Legends of the Guardians: The owls of Ga’Houle.

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15 Feb


In 3D,Film,VFX 3D,Film,VFX / 15. February 2007

Render Wrangler

financing my time, surfing and smaaaaall festivities during university I got meself

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04 Oct

Happy Feet

In 3D,Film,VFX 3D,Film,VFX / 4. October 2006

Render Wrangler

… financing my time, surfing and some smaaaaaaall festivities during time at university I got meself a live changing job at Animal Logic as Render Wrangler – learned bucklet loads and met AMAZING people.  I really couldn’t have asked for more.  Life’s good.

23 Jul

World Trade Center

In 3D,Film,VFX 3D,Film,VFX / 23. July 2006

Render Wrangler

financing my time, surfing and parties during university I got meself a live changing job at Animal Logic as Render Wrangler – learned bucklet loads and met AMAZING people.  Couldn’t have asked for more.