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02 Jun

Plastic Coffee

FunProject – NoFrustration – Art Director, Designer, FluidAnimator, Compositor

“Plastic Coffee” – an homage to my lil Italian babe that went on her last journey the other day as the plastic handle melted off … luckily in the real world the coffee was still useable and not plasticy.  Rest in peace …

 PlasticCoffee_CurvyItalian PlasticCoffee_GoneToTheAngels PlasticCoffee_Rise PlasticCoffee_Statue PlasticCoffee_Attack



01 Mar

RealFlow Car

In 3D,Realflow,VFX 3D,Realflow,VFX / 1. March 2007

Realflow FX TD

CarRace_SplashPassing  CarRace_SplashPassed


02 Dec

WaterDragon Fight

Art Director

RonBuddha RonSnakeFight

One hung over morning – literally got woken up by the phone – I got a call,

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02 Dec

Mohawk Rising

Art Director

Mohawk_Blooming Mohawk_Rising Mohawk_Vanishing

“Mohawks – The Rise & Fall”
I’ve always been amazed by sculpting.  Especially showing the process involved to create something beautiful/meaningful out of “nothing”

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