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02 Aug

Steuerberater Untermain

Art Director

The many changes in the company – including a new partnership – justified a complete overhaul of CI (Logo, letterheads, business cards & webpage).  A separate photo-shoot of the team was also part of the gig.  Satisfying project with loadsa fun had.

10 Jun

Steuerberater Untermain Corporate Portraits

In 2D,Art Direction,Design,Photography,Web / 10. June 2015

Art Director | Photographer

06_Portrait 05_Portrait 04_Portrait 03_Portrait 02_Portrait 01_Portrait

The tax agent office “Steuerberater-Untermain” needed a couple portraits of their team to showcase on their new webpage.  A quick trip to the office with a couple builder spotlights was the most convenient and budget friendly option for the client.  No studio portraits but decent results for what we had.  Great experience and good fun shooting.

02 Nov

JuttaHerzog – Freie Wähler

In 2D,Art Direction,Design,Web / 2. November 2013

Art Director

A local politician needed a micro site fro the coming elections.  Not having on much else, I took an existing CI and incorporated it into a webpresentation … quick n easy

08 Sep

Black Flagg Tattoo

In 2D,Art Direction,Design,Print,Web / 8. September 2013

Art Director

An old friend was in desperate need to brand his new Tattoo Shop shortly before opening the doors officially.  He had a name and basic idea of looks for his business card so this was mainly pixelpushing and filling a facebook template I was given.  Always glad to help out a mate!

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02 Apr

Vanilla Horizon

Art Director

(watch on vimeo fullscreen in HD for better quality)

Commercial for brand developing company Vanilla Horizon.  Focus of this tvc lies on the companies ability to improve clients’ business performances throughout branding.  Logo and company name were integral in the following story development:

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10 Mar


In 2D,Web / 10. March 2007


A work mate needed some help getting a flashmenue working in an otherwise plain html template … transperancy, animations and all … good and fun challenge in between surfs …

09 Jan


In 2D,Art Direction,Design,Photography,Web by rons / 9. January 2007 / 0 Comments

Art Director

Shane lives, loves and breathes in Bondi.  He is one of the most positive and fun to be around guys I know, also he is a plumber with his own company called rubber duck plumbing and was in need of an appropriately themed CMS … go check him out if ya need help – he’ll make ur day!!

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02 Nov

Daniel Völker Photography

Art Director

Daniel Völker Photography wanted a web presentation to showcase his work.  The brief was to have his work sit in a subtle 3 dimensional space where that didn’t overpower teh main content – his work.   Also possibly disabling viewers to download his art without prior consense was a priority.  The solution was a flash based template with mouse as well as keboard navigation.  A glass frame with a lense reflection was to hover in a darkroom (referencing photography) that would spin to reveal each new art work.  To emphasize on the actual artwork said space was to be minimal in color to contrast the colorfull atwork.  Press play above for a preview.

09 Aug


In 2D,Web / 9. August 2005



During uni I did a couple of HTML newsletters like the one above for Löwenbräu Sydney … simple and it paid for a coupla pints.  Good stuff …