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TimeLapse Mayrhofen Mountain Ridge


One of the perks that VFX and photography share and drew me in is that you’ll start to look at the world differently … closer, more aware, Read more →


Green Lantern

Houdini FX TD

In Brightest Days …

A quick trip down ‘n over to Adelaide … doing a short gig at the awesome studio of Rising Sun Pictures as FX TD to set up HeatHaze and AfterBurner fx tools in Houdini for the Green Lantern Trailer … a couple stops in Adelaide’s ass kicking markets … and back to good old Sydney … a dream?!?  yes maybe … sure felt like one … here’s the outcome of some great artists work (I didn’t final any of these shots rather then having build some of the tools for the show – hence the seemingly arrogant “great artists” comment :P) Read more →



Render Wrangler

Whilst I was enjoying my time, surfing and diving deeper in the FX end of Houdini, Realflow, Terragen and Mudbox in one of the best parts in this world my old boss at Animal Logic asked me if I could help out  wrangling renders again.  An awesome resource of knowledge, great people and getting paid at the same time?!?! Hells yeah



Art Director

On this one I only helped art direct and design some stage designs that were then manufactured elsewhere.  Took only  a couple hours but with a great team and actually getting designs made into real stage props rather than just existing in a digital world made it a lot of fun and memorable


Nokia Vizoo Hologram



simple keying and color grading job for a show at Auckland’s biggest Audi dealer.  Nokia had a stand and we were using Vizoo Holographic techniques to display an existing logo animation.


28 weeks later

Render Wrangler

Another one I worked on during my days at university back in the good ol’ days 😉 ….


Speedo’s Cafe Bondi Beach


Speedo’s Cafe in Bondi needed some updates to their webpage as well as a couple html newsletters





Logo Design

N-DUROZONE community needed a Logo, so I got the the good old pencil out, drew, scanned, path-traced for resolutionRead more →

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