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Steuerberater Untermain

Art Director

The many changes in the company – including a new partnership – justified a complete overhaul of CI (Logo, letterheads, business cards & webpage).  A separate photo-shoot of the team was also part of the gig.  Satisfying project with loadsa fun had.


Black Flagg Tattoo

Art Director

An old friend was in desperate need to brand his new Tattoo Shop shortly before opening the doors officially.  He had a name and basic idea of looks for his business card so this was mainly pixelpushing and filling a facebook template I was given.  Always glad to help out a mate!Read more →


Physio & Massage Therapist

Art Director

IMG_4337 IMG_4400 IMG_4523-Edit  02_inside_tri-fold

My friend Jaque – a very good Physio and Massage Therapist needed some flyers for some of her courses that showed of the localities, ambience Read more →



Art Director

 KobieClifton Front 3 Kobie Clifton Back

KobieClifton Front 2 KobieClifton Front 1 KobieClifton Front 4

Making her way into running her own business as masseuse, Kobie was in need of a Logo, Business cards and so forth.  She came to me with an idea for a logo that I then cleaned up, optimized and integrated into a CI.  Knowing and appreciating her skills made it easy to come up with something representative.  You should give her a call and get yourself a treat.  She mostly operates in Bondi, Sydney.



Art Director

SAE / Middlesex needed a represntative guest invite for the final presentations of the year’s bachelor projects … they came to me asking if I could help.  Not my best work, but I guess ok whilst trying to finalize my own final research and paper …

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