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Australian Surf Rider Foundation

Photography – Voluntary Community Work for the Australian Surf Foundation – Photographer

Australian Surf Foundation and Bondi’s Sahnia’s (a host for a few good nights all through summer 08/09) threw a beneficial art exhibition and live music gig to help fight world’s killer number one – malaria.
Also on board: one of my two most favorite Bondi local bands – KINGTIDE.

So when they were asking if I could take some shots of the night I thought “Sure – always up for some voluntary work – especially for a good cause” … and “surfing” is one of ’em :P.

Awesome gig and a great crowd.

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Art Director

SAE / Middlesex needed a represntative guest invite for the final presentations of the year’s bachelor projects … they came to me asking if I could help.  Not my best work, but I guess ok whilst trying to finalize my own final research and paper …

right click is on unpaid leave ...