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360 Security TVC w/ Khloe Kardashian

Houdini FX TD

360Security (7) 360Security (1) 360Security (3) 360Security (2)  360Security (4) 360Security (5) 360Security (6)

Another quick turnaround job for 360 security’s TVC staring Khloe K.  Symbolizing a big burden virusses – represented by actors – where meant to be magically pulled off the shoulders of the main male actor and explode into gravel and dust.  I was responsible for all those disintegration fx, which included a buncha particles, RBD and fluid sims.   Not much time at hand as a one man army, so a quick n easy setup had to be build and implemented into shots.  Good fun 😉


Vanilla Horizon

Art Director

(watch on vimeo fullscreen in HD for better quality)

Commercial for brand developing company Vanilla Horizon.  Focus of this tvc lies on the companies ability to improve clients’ business performances throughout branding.  Logo and company name were integral in the following story development: Read more →



Houdini FX TD, onSet VFX assistant

for the Ashes series this year KFC flew in the Colonel for a bunch of TVC’s.  We filmed at the Sydney Cricket Grounds, which was amazing to see without it being filled with the usual events’ circus.  Seeing areas you wouldn’t usually get to see.  Also I hadn’t been on set that many times before and that is always exciting.

Later on we added some firework fx with all the volumetric lighting, smoke and stuff in Houdini.



Houdini FX TD

@ Cutting Edge Sydney we were doing a few commercials for LUX to be shown in more than 8 countries (China, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Thailand, … ) around the world.  Read more →


Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

Houdini FX TD

For 2009’s Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards we needed a variety of fluid effects closely mimicking what had been done for the same show prior in the US.  I was the only one doing all the fluid Read more →

Distant Peaks Build Up And First Fly through from Ron The Don on Vimeo.

making of Terragen 2 setup for Distant Peaks


Distant Peaks

Sam and I did a bunch of shots for what was meant to be a NationalGeographics Docu about the last leg of a bunch of expeditions to complete the 7 summits (reaching the highest point of each continent).  This last peak is situated in Antarctica in the Elseworth Mountain range and areal footage is hard to come by or very very expensive.  We ended up using NASA data to recreate a physically accurate representation of the area (down to a detail of 1m), chucked some ice and snow on there and created several shots flying a camera through the terrain to show the travel route of the expedition.  Unfortunately upon completio NatGeo decided Antarctica expeditions were too cool now and went on producing vulcano docus instead … Still … learned a lot and had a good time.


Better Homes and Garden

Indiana Jones Makeover for a Channel7’s “Better Homes & Gardens” episode – Sculptor

I’ve always been interested in doing some sculpting – especially ancient masks.  Even better if the brief has something to do with Indiana Jones!!Read more →


Fairfax – Top Line Living

Houdini FX TD, Compositor

another one with my good mate Sam .  Fairfax needed an opener for their show “Top Line Living” so … well … we created one.


New Zealand Music Awards

Life show programmer, operator


Wow, what a gig!!! 8 workstations, as many monitors (plus one for live tv feeds), 20meters above the stage in an amazing theater – plus the VIP after-party of course.  We had (I believe) 64 plasma screens coupled together in the shape of a cassette tape flying on and off stage and content displayed on my cue.  Worked with a great team, what more can you ask for.  I’ll never forget this gig! Below a couple videos showing what we did:Read more →

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