Quick one to setup workflows and pipeline for VR projects…  Starting lowres modelling (<2k polys) in Houdini, fine level scultping and texture painting in Mudbox (where screengrabs below were made – hence the pixelation), texture creation for unity in Substance Designer and into Unity via Houdini Engine.  Iris still needs a lot of work, but pretty happy for a first test of the workflow.

Eye_v001_v014_Screengrabs_10 Eye_v001_v014_Screengrabs_8 Eye_v001_v014_Screengrabs_9 Eye_v001_v014_Screengrabs_7 Eye_v001_v014_Screengrabs_6 Eye_v001_v014_Screengrabs_5 Eye_v001_v014_Screengrabs_3 Eye_v001_v014_Screengrabs_2 Eye_v001_v014_Screengrabs_1 Eye_v001_v013_Screengrabs_6 Eye_v001_v013_Screengrabs_5 Eye_v001_v013_Screengrabs_4 Eye_v001_v013_Screengrabs_3 Eye_v001_v013_Screengrabs_2 Eye_v001_v012_Screengrabs_8 Eye_v001_v012_Screengrabs_7 Eye_v001_v012_Screengrabs_5 Eye_v001_v012_Screengrabs_6 Eye_v001_v012_Screengrabs_1 midres wireframe

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