Legend of the Guardians: The owls of Ga’houle

Digital Artist FX (CharacterFX)

Over the last year or so I’ve been mainly doing character fx and even some animation finalling work for and at Animal Logic on the movie Legends of the Guardians: The owls of Ga’Houle.

During my time there I have been mainly working in the Character FX department “wobbling” feathers to emulate wind, secondary motion and collisions using Maya, Renderman, proprietary tools.

I also helped to develop a new custom tool for the animation department which I then helped out using for a few weeks as well using XSI.

Trailer 1:


Trailer 2:


and here is a couple still frames of some of my shots:

image3 image2

Legend of the Guardians 1
Legend of the Guardians 1
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