Art Director

Starcostume_FluidAnimStages_5 Starcostume_FluidAnimStages_7 Starcostume_FluidAnimStages_17

The “old” 2D Logo and static html webpage needed an overhaul including a move to a more powerful and selfmanageable CMS system.

As a CMS Joomla was choosen.

A 3dimensional recreation of the Logo that was still simple enough to stay close to the original 2D vector drawing was created.

Starcostume_Web2 Starcostume_Web1


Finishing the project early resulted in using that extra time to create an animated eye-catcher (using the power of SPH fluids) that was meant to fade into the logo  in order to represent cutting edge technology used and produced by the TV & Feature Film serving costume designer:

Starcostume_FluidAnimStages_1 Starcostume_FluidAnimStages_2 Starcostume_FluidAnimStages_3 Starcostume_FluidAnimStages_5 Starcostume_FluidAnimStages_6 Starcostume_FluidAnimStages_7 Starcostume_FluidAnimStages_8 Starcostume_FluidAnimStages_9 Starcostume_FluidAnimStages_10 Starcostume_FluidAnimStages_11 Starcostume_FluidAnimStages_12 Starcostume_FluidAnimStages_13 Starcostume_FluidAnimStages_14 Starcostume_FluidAnimStages_15 Starcostume_FluidAnimStages_16 Starcostume_FluidAnimStages_17 Starcostume_FluidAnimStages_18 Starcostume_FluidAnimStages_19



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