Air Vanuatu


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Living in Australia pretty much left me without much desire to travel to tropical destinations, pristine beaches and so forth. However when I got a call to get flown out to Vanuatu for a couple of gigs including shooting for Air VanuatuI didn’t stop one second to consider …

Air Vanuatu wanted a few shots for a glossy in flight magazine showing the beauty of their island chain, so during my stay I produced images showing Vanuatu through my eyes.  This was a coop gig with a similar briefed gig for Island Time Magazin.


CRW_5606 MorningView HeartCoral BlueLagoon AlmostWalkingDistance IMG_0335-Edit KeithSequence0004 HomeAsAWhileAgo LightRaysCyanBW Gigeresque Homie HobbitsColor2 IMG_0203 IMG_0292 Intrudor Kicker LastWorkingTruck OpenWaters PicNicView ClanOldes RedCrabOutsideShot Romance ShaveMate StartOfTheWeekend Sunset ViceVersa2 VillageFruit Wrap AirVanuatu_03 BeachLoft Blue CloudRainbow CoralEtoneBeach Covvvaaa CRW_5597 CRW_5600 CRW_5661 CRW_5870 CRW_5873 EtonePools2 EtonView Angler

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