Life show programmer, operator, projection mapper


Wow, what a gig!!! No idea how Dewars managed to get us the permit to do this crazy gig in the center of Kuala Lumpur.  For about a month we were running a 90min multimedia show twice a day including a 12mx3m interactive video projection achieved with a total of 6 projectors. Seamless moving images were created with a 25% overlay and interacted with a Scottish ambassador, who taught everything possible about Scotch Whisky.

Dewars ClassRoomCloseUps 1 ClassRoomCloseUps 2 ClassRoomCloseUps 3 ClassRoomCloseUps 4  blending station FourTwelves MixingTable

So good, even I started liking Whiskey! What an awesome experience in such a very friendly country.

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