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TimeLapse Mayrhofen Valley


One of the perks that VFX and photography share and drew me in is that you’ll start to look at the world differently … closer, more aware,Read more →



Life show programmer, operator, projection mapper


Wow, what a gig!!! No idea how Dewars managed to get us the permit to do this crazy gig in the center of Kuala Lumpur.  For about a month we were running a 90min multimedia show twice a day including a 12mx3m interactive video projection achieved with a total of 6 projectors. Seamless moving images were created with a 25% overlay and interacted with a Scottish ambassador, who taught everything possible about Scotch Whisky. Read more →



Art Director

Being in Asia also means being at the verge of technology.  During my time working on the Dewar’s Academy, Bacardi – the owner of Dewar’s – approached me to develop an interactive game Read more →


Franchize Awards

Art Director

For this years Franchize Awards we decided to go with a nature theme, with the panels for the projection areas spinning and leaving water movement behind.  Fun gig.


New Zealand Music Awards

Life show programmer, operator


Wow, what a gig!!! 8 workstations, as many monitors (plus one for live tv feeds), 20meters above the stage in an amazing theater – plus the VIP after-party of course.  We had (I believe) 64 plasma screens coupled together in the shape of a cassette tape flying on and off stage and content displayed on my cue.  Worked with a great team, what more can you ask for.  I’ll never forget this gig! Below a couple videos showing what we did:Read more →


Adidas || All Blacks

Art Director

Before New Zealand’s national rugby team the mighty All Blacks headed to Paris for the 2007 Rugby World Cup, major sponsor Adidas threw a show including a life gig of OpShop (New Zealand Music Award Winners). Gear for the world cup in France was given away including two custom Adidas-AllBlacks guitars manufactured by Fender.
To promote both the All Blacks and Adidas we produced a video of said event to be shown in Adidas stores across the contry. My job was to take the raw footage, convert it, create a story out of it and cut it all together timed by the life performed song of OpShop.  After that (being new to the country myself) I finally knew who they were.  Good luck boys!!!


Porsche GT3 Racing

Art Director

Whilst in NZ Porsche GT3 Racing knocked on the door asking for a concept and delivery to promote their racing circle in showrooms of their car dealers.  We used available material and setup info stands with a video cut of races running in a loop.  Back in the days all still standard def …

PorscheGT3NZ PorscheGT3NZ_2


American Chamber of Commerce Awards

Art Director

Speaking of jumping in at the deep end … first gig fresh outta uni … vaguest brief … using Watchout for the first time, BUT I DO love my challenges.  Luckily I found out New Zealand’s Prime Minister Helen Clarke was to speak in front of my graphics only when I got to the event at the Auckland Hilton :P.

AmChamLogoLoop (2) 20070912-CRW_4013 20070912-CRW_4034 20070912-CRW_4035 20070912-PrimeMinister-HelenClark American Chamber of Commerce
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rOnBoard Snow

CustomBoard Design – NZ PRide  – Art Director, Designer, 3D Artist

rOnBoard Snow

Looking forward to start working in Auckland just in time for the snowboarding season to kick off, I decided to spend a couple hours to design and create a board mockup I would get custom made.  Thematically the horns of the skull resembles the Auckland Sky Tower.   The design recently drew some attention to a German snowboard company and you might see it on the slopes soon ridden by more than just me.



Art Director

Westpac’s always been great suporting safety in the ocean.  This time they needed a video edit of their sponsored gear (including chopper) being used to save lives at Piha.  A place I have surfed a bunch and love, but also know about it’s sometimes crazy rips.  THANKS WESTPAC!

PihaSurfLife PihaSurfLife_1 PihaSurfLife_3



Art Director

SAE / Middlesex needed a represntative guest invite for the final presentations of the year’s bachelor projects … they came to me asking if I could help.  Not my best work, but I guess ok whilst trying to finalize my own final research and paper …

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